Patreon - full length tutorial videos giving you access to my techniques and methods

I launched my Teaching Channel via Patreon in February 2019 after numerous requests to share my techniques.

If you are wanting to develop your coloured pencil skills and techniques, if you're wanting to create realistic animal portraits with eyes full of expression and fur you can almost feel - I can help you.

I have honed my techniques over the last couple of years and am now creating real-time, voice over videos talking you through step by step how I create my portraits. And it's not just 'use this colour here and this colour here', it's a full explanation of why I'm using certain colours, how certain colours work differently on the surface I'm using, how different pressures can create different effects and how you can use different tools in your quest for fabulous fur!

I am a performance coach and am offering you access to coaching/mentoring and critique - if you're wanting to take your art to the next level and make a living from it, I can help you build business plans and campaigns if you opt for my coaching tier - level 3.

If this sounds interesting, then follow the link for more information about the tiers I'm offering and the rewards you'll receive.

Focus Videos Tier 1

Jonesy Eye Tutorial

Jonesy Ear Tutorial

Shiny Fur Tutorial

Black Wavy Fur Tutorial

White Wavy Fur Tutorial

Shiny Horse Hair Tutorial

Poodle Fur Focus Tutorial

Cat Eye Focus Tutorial

Noseband Focus Tutorial

Full Tutorials Tier 2

Lilly Tutorial

Eeyore Donkey Tutorial

Leather Focus Tutorial

Ruby Spaniel Tutorial

Limousin Calf Tutorial

Fjord Pony Tutorial

Tilly Two-Shoes Tutorial

Bernard Scruffy Dog Tutorial

Leopard Tutorial

Fjord Foal Tutorial