Coaching For Artists

Whether you are wanting to develop your drawing skills, work on a new surface, need advice on how to price your commissions or how to increase your following on Instagram, I can offer you one to one sessions to work on your goals and help to improve not only your drawing techniques but also your business and marketing skills. ‘Marketing yourself’ doesn’t come easily to many of us, as an experienced business and performance coach I can help to change that. 

Below are a few of the topics I often discuss with artists but if there is something else you need advice on relating to your business do get in touch with me as I am always happy to help.

Improving your drawing skills

I offer one to one sessions for those wanting to progress with their drawing skills, whether that be trying a new surface, or wanting to build on your current skills. I work with total beginners and more experienced artists. You will leave feeling confident and motivated with your new or refreshed skills, and I am always on hand to help and advice after the session. I am happy to share all my experiences with recording your work as well. Many artists want to go down the route of creating videos for YouTube, or want to start holding workshops – these are topics I’m very happy to tailor sessions around – and of course, with me you get everything, I will share everything I know and have discovered. I can even give you hints and tips around using Photoshop and Lightroom if that’s what you need.

Understanding Social Media – making it work for you

Increasing your reach, finding the right audience, or trying to build your commission book, I can help you grow your business. Even if you just want to know how Instagram TV works and how it can benefit you, I offer advice on all sorts of things relating to social media. I don’t claim to be an expert, although I have qualifications in marketing, but I do have a few handy tips that I find help me and hopefully are useful to others, plus I have grown my social media steadily over the last couple of years, following easy to understand processes.

Knowing How To Price Your Work

People often ask me how best to price a commission and it can often be, that as artists we undersell our work. I know how tricky it can be to value your work and to up your prices, but it’s important to ensure that your prices reflect the work you put into your portraits. There are all sorts of things that factor where you set your prices and if you’re finding it a challenge then I’m happy to help.

One to One and Business Coaching Costs

I charge £40 an hour or £200 for a full day, you will have full use of all my materials, and I will provide any surface you want to work on. I have a large, light studio with not only the right tools for the trade, but if you wish we can record your session so you can revisit it later.

Contact Me

Give me a call on 07958 333505, email me on or send me a message on Facebook if you’d like to discuss booking a one to one session with me.