When you have a super star on your drawing board :)

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Meet the beautiful Pauldarys Master Patrick; Pat to his friends

The gorgeous Irish Thoroughbred who has helped restore his owner, Victoria Brant, aka The Wimpy Eventer’s confidence.

Victoria describes her first encounter with Pat in her book (and I have tears in my eyes whilst re-reading it as I know the feeling of utter terror when you’ve lost your confidence.)

“I turned up to the yard and the little tiny scrawny nugget just stood there looking at me, shoes nearly hanging off, a little sad and poor but sweet and very polite….”

She was coaxed to get on as she was so scared

“I went into trot and then canter, suddenly regaining that glimmer of what I used to know. I popped a small cross pole and I felt wonderful. I found something that minute, that split second, something that had been missing for years.”

Safe to say, she bought him there and then and hacked him home!! She certainly hasn’t looked back! She is now one of the stars on the Blue Chip All Star Academy series on Horse and Country TV, is competing now at BE100 and Pat is certainly no scrawny nugget!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to draw him, and to introduce a different style of drawing to my portfolio. Special thanks for permission to use the photographs by the very talented LRG Photography

Do have a look at Victoria’s blog, The Diary of a Wimpy Eventer, it’s both inspiring and incredibly funny! You’ll also see some of my illustrations in the book she has just published which is a brilliant read and highly recommended https://wimpyeventer.com.

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