It’s not all about the drawing….

No, sometimes it’s about taking hours and hours and hours trying to create a 1 minute video!!

I always visualise anything I decide to do – it was the same when I was riding – and it’s an incredibly useful activity to do.

I started adding detail to a gorgeous double portrait today, and wanted to take some video footage so I could add it to my Instagram account. I set up my tripod, checked my battery life on the camera and scrambled around for about 20 minutes trying to find the video card – still in my Mac from when I was downloading photos last week!!

Deciding on the zoom lens, I then had to move the camera further and further into the corner of my studio to get the focus I needed – managed to find the perfect spot, only to find that I was stuck in the corner with the tripod in front of me and unable to move! For those who know me, I’m a bit chubby and have had a hip replacement (far too young for that I hear you all cry ;)) so climbing out from behind the tripod must have looked quite amusing!

Anyway, having managed to get myself out of the corner I then sat down to start drawing, but then worried that my head would be in the way, so had to do a test video to make sure. It was fine, so managed to get 10 minutes of me adding detail to the lovely Labradoodle’s eye.

Next, an hour to upload to Youtube, an hour to edit, and then another hour to save as a 3 minute time lapse!

Then came the exciting bit (for exciting read incredibly frustrating)! Trying to get said video onto Instagram! I googled, and re-googled. I went through the steps – I even watched a video and just couldn’t make it happen! Eventually I managed to get an email through with the video attached.

Hoorah! Saved the video to my phone, uploaded to Instagram and hey presto – approximately four and a half hours of faffing and waiting for a 60 second video!!

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