Gosh! Looks like I’m sponsoring a young rider :)

Really quite proud that I have been approached and am now sponsoring a young rider in her National Hunter Trials quest for 2017.

Hannah Joanne Kebby is 15, a self taught rider (and she’s good! riding bareback in the sea is pretty impressive by anyones standards), she has been riding for four years and hasn’t had any official riding lessons. She has several ponies, but her two main ones are Boy, a grey, who is 11 and 14.3 and Jimbo, a coloured,  who is six and 15.2

Hannah got Boy four years ago, a stallion who had been beaten and starved. She has worked with him to build up his trust and now has a wonderful bond with him. She started to compete him in 2016, whipped in over the winter with the Anglesey Drag Hounds and decided to really go for it in 2017. She’s now qualified for the Horseware National Hunter Trials series 2017 at Eland Lodge in September.

I love stories like Hannah’s she obviously knows how to get the best out of her horses and ponies, and clearly is willing to put the time and effort in. I’m also in total awe of how she has managed to get to where she is with no lessons – these people who have such a natural ability are amazing!!

So, Hannah will be competing with my logos on her colours which is incredibly exciting, and once we have agreed on the reference photo, I will be drawing a portrait for her.

Looking forward to hearing Hannah’s results and seeing some fabulous photos of her and her horses competing 🙂

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