Filling a horse-shaped hole!

I used to have horses – I think anyone who owns, or who knows someone who owns, a horse, will understand the utter joy of, not only owning said horse, but collecting rugs, boots, bits, saddles, feed and basically anything that we know won’t, but hope will, make us better horse owners and riders. Well, I have to say as an ex horse owner, I know that feeling well. And having sold my beautiful horse last July, I had an enormous (all 18.2 hands) hole to fill. And fill it I did! With all things coloured pencil 🙂

Starting out on a new journey is always exciting, albeit a little scary at times, my coloured pencil journey started on Christmas morning of 2015. My lovely daughter bought me a colouring book and a set of 12 WH Smith colouring pencils. Safe to say I was absolutely hooked, but those 12 pencils just didn’t hack it lol! I had to have a whole set of, oh, at least 72 – in fact 120 would be better! And when they arrived (50% off via Amazon) I just sat and looked at them; ran my fingers over them; even smelled them. They were an absolute thing of beauty and, oh yes, these could definitely start to fill that big, horse-shaped hole …..

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